3 Benefits Of Smart Meters


We have smart cars and smart phones…so, it makes sense that we have smart meters.

“Smart” electric meters are digital two-way communication devices that automatically track and record a customer’s electric use in 15-minute increments. Customers and transmission distribution companies (TDUs) have access to the data, which can help both become more efficient.

The History of Deregulation of Electricity in Texas

deregulation in texas of electricity industry

You’ll hear the word “deregulation” thrown around in conjunction with the Texas electricity industry, but what exactly does it mean? In a nutshell, the 2002 deregulation of Texas’ electricity industry opened the doors for competition in the retail electric provider sector of the business, providing options for consumers.

Smart Meters, Texans and ERCOT – A love / hate relationship

Smart Meter by Oncor

Start talking about energy, electricity and the National Smart Grid and you get a variety of responses and opinions. In Texas and throughout ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas) the electricity conversation is no different. As of late May 2011, approximately 3,500,000 Smart Meters have replaced the older “dial” meters on residences throughout Texas. These […]