How Do Texans Power Their Homes? [Infographic]

texas-residential-energy-consumptionHave you ever wondered what uses the most energy in your home? Well, we’ve got the scoop.

Below infographic is put together with the help of data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey, that illustrates what appliances and devices in Texas homes use the most energy annually.

With hot weather a normality, it should come as no surprise that the biggest energy hog for Texans is the air conditioner. Approximately one-quarter of Texans’ residential energy consumption is used to cool the air indoors.

What takes the next slot? Surprisingly, water heating requires the second-most amount of energy in a Texas home.

But if you think about all of the daily tasks that require hot water, this tidbit shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. Showers, baths, running the dishwasher – all of these things use hot water year-round, not just during one particular season.

Other big-ticket energy items that get a mention: your refrigerator and heater, which respectively use 18 percent and 16 percent of a typical Texan’s total residential energy consumption.

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