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YMCA of arlington logoWhat the YMCA of Arlington Does

The YMCA of Arlington, part of the national organization commonly know as the Y, is a mission-driven nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of children, families and communities through programs that emphasize Christian principles, says Claude Cunningham, chair of the YMCA of Arlington board.

Cunningham boasts that the Y has activities for three generations of a family. For instance, a mother can drop off her child for swimming lessons while she goes to a zumba class. At the same the time, the child’s grandmother could be participating in a active adults activity like yoga.

“We’re not just a gym with a pool in the back,” the former associate superintendent of Mansfield ISD said, countering the common notion that the YMCA is like other rec centers.

Some quick statistics about the YMCA of Arlington from their website will give you more insight into the Y’s mission and the results its produced.

  • The first YMCA of Arlington opened in 1958 after fundraising efforts by then-Mayor Tom Vandergriff.
  • The three branches of Arlington’s Y serve more than 1,200 kids a day in after-school programs or summer camp, making it one of the largest providers of childcare for school-age children in DFW.
  • The group brings 1,000 kids and their dads together through the Father/Child program.
  • The local Y has taught more than 3,800 children how to swim.
  • The organization has raised more than $400,000 as part of the Strong Community Campaign, which provides financial aid to ensure that no one is turned away from YMCA activities because of an inability to pay.

How You Can Support the YMCA of Arlington

Membership to a YMCA branch has a $75 join fee with monthly fees that range from $11 to $85, depending on whether you are registering a family or individual. Become a member of the closest branch by clicking here.

Besides purchasing a membership and taking advantage of the YMCA’s programs, Cunningham speaks of three things that the YMCA would love to have you donate: your time, talents and treasure.

Time & Talents: Volunteers are needed to coach youth sports, provide mentorship to youth, assist with office duties, serve on committees and more. You can find out more on the Y’s volunteer page.

“Give us your time and your talents, and we’ll put them to good use,” Cunningham promised. “We’ve got a way to use it.”

Treasure: The organization is looking to expand and open branches in surrounding communities like Mansfield, but it can’t do that without donations. It also aims to continue providing support for those that can’t afford childcare or membership.

“We’re not going to let a child or family get the services they need to be healthy and socially responsible without giving them every opportunity with every assistance they can,” Cunningham said.

Corporations that are interested in becoming sponsors or providing memberships for their employees should contact Sue White at (817) 299-9629 ext. 20 or

Contact the YMCA of Arlington


Cooper Street Branch
7120 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, TX 76001
(817) 419-9629

Central Branch
2200 S. Davis Dr.
Arlington, TX 76013
(817) 274-9622

North Branch
1005 Skyline Dr.
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 548-9622

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